Inspired by a one-way ticket to Goa, our capsule takes our imagination off to sea with floral cottons, tinged with twilight purple.

The itinerary brings to life our desire for somewhere FAR AWAY, a total change of scenery and maximum positive vibes (under the sun of course). Our screens open onto this little slice of paradise, and we've come up with a wardrobe to suit those holidays we all dream of booking.

The WILD FLOWERS printed on the cotton canvas, remind us of an exotic field. Shades of purple match the rising temperatures.

The BOUTI style embroidery adds texture through topstitching in elegant swirls. Each piece is full of volume with the balloon sleeves and XL ruffles ready to catch the fresh breeze, just how we like it. We're finally there.

Claudie Pierlot takes our minds to Goa.

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