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Women’s Shirts

Forever on trend, women’s shirts are a timeless staple whose classic flair embraces reinvention season after season. With long or short sleeves, an elegant straight cut, or intricate lacework in black, white, or every color of the rainbow, this versatile top belongs in any wardrobe.

Women’s Shirts for Every Mood

The classic white cotton shirt has to be one of the most versatile women’s ready-to-wear pieces. But its timeless grace easily invites new, more colorful iterations to become part of your regular rotation. From flowy women’s blouses to creative women’s printed shirts and an infinity of tee shirts, women’s tops rely on cotton, poplin, silk, and satin to lend a touch of elegance to any outfit. Daring collars, bold patterns, stripy designs, ruffles… every detail is an ode to your personality. Tucked into jeans or straight-leg pants, a shirt brings your work outfits to life. Left open atop a dainty camisole, it embodies self-assured femininity. Adorned with ruffles or embroidered, it is an open book, highlighting your profound nature like no other garment could.

Women’s Shirts by Claudie Pierlot

Claudie Pierlot’s line of women’s shirts cultivates elementary sophistication. These pieces make a statement without overexplaining, letting each moment speak for itself. Don a white shirt with a ruffled collar for decidedly Victorian vibes. Pair a floaty black or deep blue short-sleeved shirt with Mom jeans or wide-leg pants. Wear a green stripy shirt left open over a white tank top alongside matching shorts. Embrace comfort and uniqueness in a matcha-green long-sleeved viscose shirt and shorts combo. The Claudie Pierlot philosophy vibrates through every garment in this eclectic collection. It celebrates your preferences without trying to define them… or you.

Your Women’s Shirts, Your Way

If you love a wardrobe that reinvents itself as your mood ebbs and flows, shirts are a wonderful staple to adopt. A few shirts offer countless combinations to explore. Tuck your favorite shirt into your jeans, pants, or skirt to define your waistline and create a structured, sophisticated look. Leave your shirt open and wear a camisole, a basic tank top, or a dress underneath for more casual refinement. It will act as the lightest, most comfortable jacket you could dream of. Play around with materials: a shirt with the same cut will fall differently if it is made of cotton than in a silk version. Accessorize to your heart’s content, adding a belt to emphasize your waist, matching your shirts with different pairs of shoes, or exploring the effect of your various handbags.