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Women's embroidered T-shirts

Our women's embroidered T-shirts come in a wide range of styles. Thanks to their atypical lines, you can get a head-turning on-trend look that will show off your style beautifully.

The embroidered T-shirt, a bang on trend ready-to-wear item

Over recent years, the embroidered T-shirt has made its big comeback in the fashion world. Don't have one in your women’s wardrobe yet? Check out the embroidered T-shirts by Claudie Pierlot, perfect for today's women.

With its embroidered raised motif, this off-beat T-shirt immediately stands out from other T-shirts for women. And this is precisely what makes it so charming, earning it a place as a ready-to-wear trendsetter! Created in Paris by our designers (like all the pieces in our collection), embroidered Claudie Pierlot T-shirts will help you celebrate the arrival of spring and summer. Comfy and easy to wear, they will discreetly enhance your outfits with an original twist and plenty of glamour. Pair them with chinos, ripped jeans (or embroidered jeans if you dare a full-on look), lightweight canvas trousers or a pretty buttoned skirt for a casual chic look. If you want to combine your embroidered T-shirt with a little jacket, opt for a responsible leather jacket by Claudie Pierlot, a tailored jacket, or, depending on the model, a long, straight, fitted fabric coat.

Buy all your Claudie Pierlot embroidered T-shirts online

Did you fall for an embroidered women's T-shirt, a printed t-shirt for women or a white t-shirt for women from our collection? Click on the item of your choice to check out its specs. Don't know how to match your T-shirt with your outfits? Our e-shop will show you the best pieces from our collection to pair with your T-shirt. You can then order your chosen T-shirt online – free delivery and free return within 30 days (or an exchange in-store).